Domestic Relocations for Individuals and Families

At Collin’s Movers, we understand what it takes to shift homes. Having helped moved thousands of families and individuals, we have systematically developed a comprehensive suite of services for your moving needs.

Collin’s Movers will

1. Prior to the actual move:

  • Provide a comprehensive risk advisory service and arrange for insurance coverage for our clients. Click to view Collin’s Insurance and Risk Advisory Service.
  • Supply appropriate packing materials for the intended items to be moved.

2. Before and during move, pack and secure all household items/furniture.

3. Conduct the physical move as per appointed move schedule.

4. During move, secure all access points at both the original location and destination.

5. After the move, a full unpacking service including the setting up of furniture and placement of household items.

At Collin’s Movers, we can readily assist you on other move related and household needs: