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Best Relocation Company in Singapore | Collins Movers

Relocation Services

Domestic Relocation

Domestic Relocation

At Collin’s Movers, we understand what it takes to shift homes. Having helped moved thousands of families and individuals, we have systematically developed a comprehensive suite of services for your moving needs… read more >

International Relocation

International Relocation

At Collins, we support individuals and families’ moves internationally. The method of shipment includes by sea, by air and by roadread more >

Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocation

Our expertise in relocation projects has made us into one of the leading Office Moving Companies in Singapore. This is possible only because Collin’s Movers has the technology and resources to undertake and successfully carry out projects… read more >

If there is a situation when you have to move yourself, other people or items from one place to another, relocation services are best. The best relocation companies in Singapore are professional and experienced, with the knowledge and expertise that ensure a smooth process during such scenarios.

What is a Relocation Service?

The company provides relocation services that assist people in moving from one place to a new location. The services range depends on the particular relocation service offered, which is based on the type of relocation the company conducts.

You will find some services that specialize in corporate relocations, and others specialize in relocating individuals and families. The companies can also handle relocations on a national or international scale.

Types of Relocation Service

  • Corporate Relocation Service

Corporate relocation service involves all the details, including transport of equipment, files, and other things of the business from the old location to a new location. It is the responsibility of the company to see the details, such as the establishment of utility services at the new place, computer networks set up, workstations, and other essentials.

The relocation company service provider uses ground transportation and air freight to execute the physical move. The transportation depends on the nature of the relocation project.

  • Domestic Relocation Service

Moving from your old home to your new home is not easy. But with the relocation service company, you are able to move from one location to another hassle-free and stress-free. This is where you need a professionally trained team who are fully aware of the process of assembling and dismantling furniture or machines.

In domestic relocation, there are many types of stuff that need to be relocated which vary from refrigerators, air conditioners, gaming statins, and furniture. This is where you require a helping hand. A perfectly trained team ensure a quick yet safe transition and relocation of each item.

  • International Relocation 

Basically, an international relocation means relocating and shifting from one country to another country. A professional international relocation company ensure that all your belongings will safely land at the location. They will also ensure everything is set up perfectly.

Collins Movers is one of the Best Relocation Companies in Singapore that provide a range of services for all your relocation needs.