Corporate Relocations

Singapore is an international business hub and financial centre and has seen new and major companies establishing their presence and relocating their offices in and out of Singapore.  Over the years, we have successfully undertook various type and size of commercial moves, making us a leading company in Singapore for such moves.

Corporate Relocations

Our team of office movers in Singapore have the experience and capabilities for your one stop business move as follows:

  • As a designated mover for all staff moves including the management team and key appointment holders, covering both domestic and international moves.
  • Office relocations in Singapore
  • Warehousing relocation projects within Singapore
  • Computer server de-commissioning & re-commissioning and other IT related services
  • Point to point workstation dissembling and assembly
    For office moves, we offer the followings:

For office moves, we offer the followings:

  • Our managersOur managers
  • Supply of packing materials
  • Packing and protecting office items
  • Providing label identification and preparing full inventory lists for any individual/unit and department needs
  • Conduct the physical move as per appointed move schedule.
  • Moving of clean room items.

Prior to the move, we are able to arrange for additional insurance coverage for our clients should they require so. Click on Collin’s Insurance and Transit Insurance to know more on how your company assets are insured and what you can do to further insure their values.

* At Collin’s Movers, we can readily assist you on other move related and household needs:

  • Click on storage and warehousing solutions should you have temporary and/or additional storage needs before and after move.
  • Click on Collin’s Value Added Services for our other value added services.

Need to Engage with Corporate Relocations Services

You can choose to streamline your relocation procedure by working with an Office Movers Singapore service provider. Working with a corporate relocation company can relieve you of the burden of handling the finer issues because a team of highly qualified experts will support your employee through the entire move. 

When you hire Collins Movers as your Office Relocations Singapore provider, you won’t need to worry about visa papers, finding the right housing, or getting in touch with a different moving firm overseas.

The simplified procedure won’t affect productivity or your financial situation because your employee will be able to integrate into their new home and workplace without any difficulty. In addition, your employee will be able to concentrate on their work rather than organising their move by easing the burden of the move.

What Do Office Movers Singapore Do?

Our professional office movers are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient office relocation. Here’s a list of the services we provide:

  • Creating a Comprehensive Inventory: We start by creating a detailed inventory of all the items that need to be moved.
  • Secure Packaging: Sensitive documents are carefully crated and packaged to ensure their safety during the move.
  • Efficient Loading and Transportation: Our moving team handles the loading and transportation of your belongings, ensuring their safe arrival at the new location.
  • Project Management: Our project management team will organise the entire move, ensuring that every aspect of it is well-coordinated.
  • Modular Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly: We specialize in the transportation, disassembly, and assembly of modular furniture.
  • Electronics Handling: We ensure the safe transportation and relocation of your electronic equipment.
  • Long- and Short-Distance Moves: Regardless of whether your office move is short or long-distance, we’ve got you covered.
  • Real-Time Delivery Tracking: We provide real-time tracking of the delivery progress, so you are always informed about the status of your belongings.

Reasons to Choose Collins Movers

There are many reasons to connect with Collins Movers for Office Moving Services Singapore:

  • Professional, genuine, and fair service
  • Timely service
  • Complete satisfaction
  • We are prompt, effective, and reasonably priced.
  • Skilled, educated, and competent team members
  • No further fees are added on; upfront pricing
  • Free quotes with no strings attached
  • Calmness of mind
  • We work hard to uphold our reputation for providing excellent customer service.

So, if you want to hire the Best Office Movers in Singapore, you can get in touch with our Collins Movers team!

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