Shipment by SeaShipment by Sea

Till date, shipping via waterways and sea routes is still by far the most prominent mode for international movement of goods and works well for the majority of our customers due to its cost effectiveness.

Collection and Delivery Points
Depending on accessibility and client’s requirement, we are able to offer:Collection and Delivery Points

  • Door to door/multimodal transport solution, which is the most convenient form
  • A combination of door and port collection and delivery points


Sea Shipment Method:
There are various ways to place your belongings for sea shipment.  Of which, the choice often depends on the volume of goods to be shipment.

Liftvan MethodLiftvan Method

  • This method is suitable for client with typical large volumes of cargo (generally about 200 – 300 cubic feet) to be shipped but still less than a full container load.
  • It is also useful for client requiring loading and unloading at origin and final destination address.
  • Our packing crew will help place your packed belongings into a Liftvan.
  • Each item are recorded and tracked with our loading chart.
  • The use of liftvan provides added protection for your belongings as it eliminates further manual handling of the goods once a liftvan has been sealed. Additionally, Liftvans reduce shifting and movement of goods inside the container while in transit.

Direct Container MethodDirect Container Method

  • This method is suitable for client who has a container load of belongings to be shipped (generally over 350 cubic feet)
  • The cargo is loaded into a sea container designated for the shipment and is used exclusively for the client shipping purpose.
  • Direct Container Method 2Depending on accessibility, the packed belongings can be loaded directly into the shipping container at client residence.
  • Each item is recorded and tracked with our loading chart.
  • Once completely loaded, we will close the container doors and seal the container with the seal provided by the shipping line.
  • Groupage MethodWhen a container is not completely ‘full’ after being loaded, we will use a wooden wall (“bulkhead”) that will act as a refrain for the contents from shifting within the container.

Groupage Method

  • This method is extremely cost effective for shipping smaller volume than aforementioned.
  • Client cargo will be consolidated for shipment together with others.
  • Collins Movers provides groupage shipment to many countries.

Packing and Transportation of ShipmentPacking and Transportation of Shipment
Regardless of your choice of shipping method, Collin’s Movers will use the finest and most appropriate packing materials and crating solutions that are both environmentally friendly and also meet and exceed international standards.

In the course of the whole shipment from ground handling to the actual sea shipment, our team of professional, experienced packers and supervisors will ensure and uphold at all times, the trusted and dependable services that Collins Movers is now synonymous with.

Destination Services
Destination ServicesClient can look forward to the following destination services:

  • Inform client upon arrival of cargo.
  • Customs clearance and documentation
  • Execution of delivery instructions
  • Suitable warehousing facilities can be made available
  • Unpacking and placement of furniture
  • Removal of debris
  • Clearance and removal of liftvan/container