5 Types of Warehouse Storage Systems and How to Make the Most of Them


Nowadays, there are tons of options to store your inventory effectively. You have to find the right Warehouse Storage Singapore system because the efficiency and productivity of warehouse depends upon it.

The right system ensures the inventories are stored in right box and place that keep them properly organized. So, you can find the right product at the right time. There are many factors that need to be consider for selecting the appropriate warehouse system. It includes:

  • Space
  • Budget
  • Product types
  • Workforce

These will surely help you find the suitable warehouse storage system!

First, know what is a warehouse storage system?

Meaning of Warehouse Storage System

A warehouse system is a physical structure which is specially designed to optimize the way you utilize your warehouse space. This system ensures the square footage used as effectively as possible.

When you select the right system and implemented it properly, It can boost your warehouse efficiency and provide you the right support you need.

Importance of Excellent Warehouse Storage System

Having an excellent warehouse storage system will directly impact on your business functionality. Incorporating this system will improve the safety, enhance organization, and maximize the space. Below we are mentioning:

  • Right warehouse storage system will improve the safety of your employees, inventory, or machinery you are using.
  • With the help of storage system, you can find the inventory faster and in efficient manner you require. According to your unique needs, you can customize the structure. This will allow you to use the available space that enhance your organization in big way.
  • No matter what space you have, warehouse storage system ensure you maximize each square footage. By organizing your inventory efficiently, it will ensure you utilize every inch of your storage capacity.

5 Types of Warehouse Storage Systems and Their Use

Below we are mentioning some common types of warehouse system with specific use cases that works best!

  • Pallet Racks

The pallet racks consider the center of the operation. These systems are made with wood, plastic, or metal which can be used to store inventory that’s shipped in large boxes. Using forklift automation or other comparable mechanism, these boxes are placed on your pallet racks according to their height.

There are many sub-categories of pallet racking- coil racking, cantilever racking, double deep racking, carton flow racking, etc. You can select a suitable one according to weight limits, adaptability and any change require in existing infrastructure.

The pallet racks system is best for small or medium sized enterprise storage facilities and for those who store bulk products.

  • Multi-Tier Racks

Multi-tier storage racks create multiple levels of manual loading aisles by optimizing the height of warehouse. For example, you can coordinate at all levels and heights with picking shelves. This will enhance your warehouse storage capacity while giving easy and direct access to your employees for all inventory they are looking for.

This system is best for large inventory that have small unit sizes. It can best for lightweight products that are picked and organized manually. It is also a perfect option for the warehouse that has limited space but tons of height available.

Besides, multi-tier racks give best flexibility and the option to add or remove tiers as per your needs.

  • Static Shelving

Static shelving structure is designed to occupy a consistent place within your warehouse. Static shelves can only hold light weight inventory with some weight limits. This shelving is not compatible for forklift automation and other machinery.  The inventory on static shelves can be packed, picked, and organized by hand.

  • Mobile Shelving

A mobile shelving system is designed to optimize the whole warehouse by removing access aisles individually. In this strategy, it uses mobile bases that allow you to access multiple shelves from a single working aisle.

The benefit of using mobile shelving system is it reduce the total number of aisles to store a large number of pallets. You can do all this in a limited space without sacrificing direct access to your products that are manually picked. Basically, mobile shelving system has the capability of holding more inventory in a small space.

With mobile shelves, you can use it for operating facilities at any temperature. Many food business prefer this system that help them to refrigerated and deep freeze storage.

  • Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is an elevated and free-standing platform that create an additional floor between your floor and ceiling. These are made from metal which increase both storage and working space within your warehouse.

To build these kinds of flooring are quite expensive so, you will require a budget for it. Besides, you can have tons of options for customized features such as lighting, lift systems, etc. With the help of mezzanine flooring, you can enhance your material handling without investing in other buildings and warehouse space.


Now, you know the types of warehouse storage system. You also know that each warehouse system has its own purposes. So, make sure you select the warehouse system that meet your business requirements.

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