• To be courteous, helpful and polite with the customers.
  • To faithfully and honestly fulfil our obligations towards our customers and associations, federations in which we are members.
  • To maintain integrity in financial
  • Mutual respect among all staff members.
  • Healthy interaction among all staff
  • To maintain discipline and decorum.
  • Always well groomed, attired and
  • To maintain punctuality and regularly
  • Respect seniors and carry out the
  • To observe 'no smoking' requirements.
  • To avoid alcohol or intoxicants while at work in office or in
  • To follow the environmental policy of the company.
  • To make efforts for improving his /her performance by being receptive to management of changes.
  • To earnestly accept training and new work
  • To avoid kickbacks, improper payments and bribes during the course of our business and extortion in our business dealings.
  • To respect our country's rules, regulations and laws always.

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