• We offer equal employment opportunities for all against cast, creed race and religion.
  • We also excellent working conditions to our staff/ employees by complying with labor laws / rules, regulations, timely payment of remunerations packages, a professional working environment and motivated training
  • We offer a healthy and safe working environment to employees to protect against any sort of harassment, disability and sexual orientation.
  • We strongly condemn child labor and crimes constituted by the worst forms of child labor.
  • We defend the respect of children's rights across all
  • We are totally committed in following our environmental policy.
  • We committed in all dealing with our customers, employees, vendors and suppliers in an ethical and honest manner by maintaining professional business relationship with them.
  • We are totally committed it maintaining free and fair competition and discourage antitrust or anti-competitive activities in all fields of our business. This applies in relation with our competitions so as to prevent, restrict and distorts sensitive commercial data regarding prices or quantities including sales, market share, territories and customers.
  • We are totally committed to obey the rules, laws and regulations of the local authorities and Singapore government.
  • We are bound to comply with the above in its true spirit and company management will take corrective actions against any escalation take place with regard to the above.

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