Global and local environmental issues are important to us. We actively endeavour to minimise our efforts and that of the removals industry upon the environment.

The following measures are part of our current environmental policy.

  • We identify the environmental impact of the company and put procedures in place to reduce
  • Through information and training, we encourage and develop our employees to be environmentally friendly, both personally and for the
  • We promote re-cycling and re-use of our packing
  • We offer a collection service for used boxes and packing materials where environmentally sensible.
  • We encourage customers to dispose of unwanted and excess household/commercial furniture and household effects by recycling or donating to appropriate organizations.
  • Satellite Navigation (GPS system) is used by our drivers to travel to and from removal jobs as efficiently as possible therefore reducing fuel consumption and air/noise pollution.
  • Wherever possible we try to backload vehicles on the return
  • Vehicles are modern and well maintained for maximum fuel efficiency and minimum emissions.
  • We recycle waste where possible and compact materials to reduce volumes for transport or landfill.
  • We try to use e-communications wherever possible to reduce unnecessary paper use and re-cycle or re-use waste paper and office waste as much as possible.
  • We turn off our computers at night and actively monitor energy consumption at our premises.
  • In promoting the above measure, we are actively trying to reduce our Carbon Footprint and we encourage our suppliers to do the same.

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